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Three Steps to Music Meditation

Check out these three simple steps to set up music meditation!
9-4 Music meditation
By finding calming and enjoyable music, you can take a breather from daily stress, and relax.

Deep breathing, muscle relaxation and deep introspection are well known factors of meditation. While music meditation is a different form of mediation than traditional introspection, it uses several of the same tactics. By understanding the steps and requirements, you can begin practicing music meditation and reaping the rewards.

Find the Right Music

Not surprisingly, music meditation typically requires a specific type of music. If you’re using music meditation as a form of relaxation and mindfulness, peaceful music works best. Instrumental Zen music, or even classical pieces, if you enjoy them, can help you focus your thoughts and relax your mind.

Another form of music meditation is to connect with the music itself; keeping your focus on a song or tune and learning from it. For this form, a song with lyrics could work, allowing you to find meaning and guidance from the music as well as relaxation.

Get Comfortable

Meditation allows your body and mind to relax and recuperate from the stresses of everyday life. To get the maximum effect, a comfortable position is necessary. The traditional meditation position is typically a cross-legged, straight backed pose. However, any position you find comfortable will work.

For some people, a lying position may be comfortable, but could end up becoming too relaxing and lead them into sleep. When beginning music meditation, try out a variety of comfy poses to find the ones that work best for you.


To get a complete meditation experience, you must silence the outer world and focus on one thing, whether it is your own mind, or an enjoyable piece of music. With enough practice, you could learn to meditate in any environment. But when starting, it can be helpful to physically distance yourself from distractions.

Turning your notifications off, closing your door or putting on headphones can all be good techniques for creating a quiet atmosphere. To completely focus your mind, visual distractions must also be eliminated. This could be as simple as closing your eyes, but it could also be helpful to clear a quiet, dark space for your music meditation.

Music meditation can be physically and mentally relaxing, while also allowing you to enjoy some of your favourite music. By finding calming and enjoyable music, you can take a breather from daily stress, and relax. Finding a comfortable position will keep distractions to a minimum and allow your body to refresh its energy. By focusing, you can gain a full meditative experience, with no outer noise to disrupt it. With these simple steps, you’ll be all set to begin music meditation and start your heart singing.

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