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The Top Five Diet Trends for 2022 are All About Balance

The good news for 2022 is that diet trends are no longer as much about starvation and deprivation as they once were. There are different ways to go about eating now, and the top five diet trends of 2022 show how far we have come on a balanced living dietary approach.
1-2 Women's Wellness The Top Five Diet Trends 2022

Keto, Paleo, or Primal

These three trends that have influenced and worked with each other over the years are still here. These diets, especially keto, are about eating lots of healthy fats and proteins and cutting out sugars, grains, and processed foods to help the body burn all that fat. These trends will remain in 2022 as grocery stores are offering more ready-made, easy to manage, low-carb friendly products.

Immunity Boosts

Due to health concerns that took over the media over the past two years (you know what we mean!) our eating trends have become about eating for overall good health, and for greater disease resistance and longevity. The World Health Organization says that countries with less intake of vitamins, and proteins had more problems with COVID than some other countries. They recommend a balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, vitamins and foods high in anti-oxidants. In 2022, your plan should include overall good health, with immunity-boosting superfoods, at their centre.

Plant-based foods

You are already seeing plant-based proteins and other foods everywhere. Be assured that more is coming. Plant-based foods include just products or proteins that were derived from plants. It also includes animal products from grass-feed livestock. Look for more free-range chickens and eggs, and grass-fed beef.

Intermittent Fasting

Apps show you how to do this properly, and help you track. There are also cookbooks and blogs to explain how, and why, to eat just one or two meals a day. This trend promises better health through not eating all the time, essentially giving the body and the digestive system time to rest and heal. Look into this one carefully. Going too long between meals can defeat the purpose.

Eat for your brain

A lot of those plant-based, immunity-boosting foods are excellent for helping to prevent neurodegenerative decline and improving mental focus and memory. Brain health is a trend that focuses specifically on protecting brain through eating foods that support the heart and the brain in order to understand the mental processes and ward off age-related cognitive decline such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Since, the main wellness trends of 2022 are about overall good health and positivity, and whole body benefits, here are the main things to remember.

  • Not everything plant based is healthy for the body or the environment.
  • Don’t cut out sweetness entirely. Sugars are a good source of energy, just consider the source and the amounts. Natural sweeteners are better than refined sugars.

These diet trends all remind you to pay attention to how you feel and the positive and negative changes that your diet has on your physical energy, happiness, and mental clarity. Be aware of your body and what it is trying to tell you.

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