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Preparing Your Skin for Winter

It isn't uncommon to have irritating skin issues in the winter. Here are some ways to prep the skin to avoid these issues throughout the cold months.
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The dry air of winter can play havoc with your skin. Knowing how to overcome this dryness is the key to having healthy skin during the colder months.

Dry skin in the colder months is nothing new. Luckily, there are ways to prep the skin for winter to avoid dry, chapped, achy and flaky winter skin.

Winter may be terrible for your skin, and it can seem like there is no way out; the dry, hot inside air zaps moisture from the air and your skin, while the chilly, windy weather outdoors leaves your skin red and raw.


Did you think that you could get away with not wearing sunscreen just because it's winter? Well, think again! The sun just doesn't disappear in the wintertime. In fact, research shows that the sun can actually do more damage in the winter depending on where you live, due to its reflection on the snow. It's always important to make sure that you are wearing sunscreen in order to maintain healthy skin.

Moisturize Properly

In the winter, depending on your skin type, consider using moisturizers that contain things like vitamin E and cocoa butter. Also consider using moisturizing serums like hyaluronic acid.


Dead, dry skin in winter can build up and clog your pores. This can cause many skin issues such as breakouts, whiteheads and just overall congestion. Exfoliating regularly will help reduce this issue.

Stay Cool

It may be tempting to crank up the heat or to take steaming hot showers during the cold months, but this can be damaging to your skin. It's not like you have to freeze to death, but definitely don't damage your skin with excessive heat. Aim for warm showers and a warm thermostat temperature, not “hot,” as “hot” can be drying.


In skincare something that unfortunately gets overlooked a lot is protecting the lips. Make sure you are exfoliating your lips regularly, and using lip balm that works for you, preferably one that includes sunscreen. For some, brands like Blistex and Chap-stick do the trick. Others prefer natural options like Burt's Bees. Not all brands contain the same ingredients, so find the one that works for you!


People often forget that what you eat affects your skin. You don't have to completely forgot everything that you like to eat, but excessive sugar and refined carbs can cause breakouts and skin condition flare ups.

The Final Take Away

There are various strategies to address the root causes of dry skin and maintain moisture and suppleness throughout the winter season, including some simple routine adjustments. In the colder months, dry skin is nothing new; fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare your skin for winter and prevent dry skin.

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