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How to Pump the Brakes on Aging

One can start an anti-aging skin care routine at any age and any time. Skin care is more about preserving and maintaining what one already has, not trying to meet unrealistic results, as depicted by the media.
Credit: Pixabay

Sure, one can make themselves look healthier and improve their already existing complexion, but product users are not going to look like a whole different person after the use of a few products. To truly feel good inside and out and pump the brakes on the look of aging, try the following tips:

Watch What you Eat

Something that a lot of people often forget is that your diet actually plays a more of a role in your skin care than any external skincare product on the market. Anything that you consume can and will affect your external appearance. Your body needs certain nutrients and minerals just to function. Imagine what your body could do for you and your skin if you ensured a conscious effort to provide it with what it needs.

Now wait, this doesn't mean that you must go on a super strict diet! In fact, unless your doctor or healthcare professional says otherwise, I personally strongly recommend that you don’t do that. Instead, you can try simple things every day such as staying hydrated and cutting down on extra sugar. Small changes like these can make a huge difference over time. Other things such as drinking, smoking, etc. can play a big role in the complexion of the skin. If you already indulge in such activities, cut back and replace the bad habits with healthier ones.


Just like diet, sleep plays a massive role in what your skin is going to look like. It is wise to make sure you are getting the proper amount of sleep for you in order to maintain a healthy-looking complexion. Sleeping too little, or even too much, can cause a variety of unwanted skin issues. Oversleeping can cause redness, dryness, puffiness, and bloating, and under sleeping can cause dark circles.

If you don’t sleep enough, your body has limited time to go through its regular sleep procedures that help boost and restore health.

In conclusion, skin care isn't just what you put on the outside but it's also about what's happening on the inside – and this will give you better results than any product out there.

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