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Fitness Trends for 2022

Well, the year 2022 is here and trends and practices have certainly changed. In fact, all the closures, restrictions and changes of the past two years have played a big part in bringing the future of fitness to the present.
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Fitness Trends for 2022

Gyms and fitness studios closed for a time, so we started looking for different ways to work out. We exercised at home, invested in equipment for home gyms, and went virtual. So, now what? The thinking behind upcoming trends of 2022 is that our practices won’t quickly return to what they were before the pandemic.

Online wellness has changed how (and why) we think about fitness

Fitness has become whole body. It is not just about how and when and what to do, it is about why we want to get fit. Fitness is how you feel on the inside! How do you sleep at night, what motivates you, and what do you enjoy are the important wellness questions that fitness programming will focus on even more in 2022.

We wear wearables

Everything is trackable now, and wearable technology keeps getting better. Fitness trackers tell you about your heart rate, body temperature, how many steps you take, what you ate and how well you slept. It also can compare today to yesterday and other days and provide as many or as few stats as you would like to track.

It’s a joy, not a punishment

The more fitness activities that we are taking part of on our own, we are finding new exciting ways to motivate ourselves. Exercising today is much more of a joy, with a lot less of that no pain, no gain attitude. It’s about going outside and moving. Walk, workout with your kids, run through the park pushing a stroller (modified for safety, of course), or jump on a trampoline! Exercise is not punishment for what was neglected yesterday in our health regimes.

Be one with nature

We already spend too much time indoors, and nature is now recognized as more therapeutic. Green spaces and natural sunlight lower blood pressure improve mood and de-stress. With fitness outdoors comes challenges and opportunities that let you learn about nature, compete against others, and raise your energy level. Expect to see more of this as we look for more ways to use the tech we have for fitness indoors and out.

And don’t forget about the gym yet!

“Hybrid fitness will be common,” predicts Wendy McCormick, trainer with the YMCA of Northern Alberta. “Keep the gym membership for everything they offer but keep your app subscriptions too. Digital programming and online training are here to stay, even as we return to group fitness. Local fitness facilities provide more amenities than home gyms can provide. Swimming pools, recreational sports like pickle ball and floor hockey, and workout equipment that is low impact and easy on the joints is what people will be looking for.”

“Exercise as a game is a big upcoming trend,” McCormick adds. “Expect 2022 to provide even more apps and equipment that let you treat your workout like a game while still being great exercise."

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