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Teen entrepreneur incentive program launched in Sundre

Development permit and licensing fees waived for young aspiring self-starters
MVT stock sundre office
The Town of Sundre will be facilitating youth's efforts by waiving the cost of home-based development permit as well as business licence fees. File photo/MVP Staff

SUNDRE — Local youths aged 17 and under who aspire to test their mettle in the marketplace now have an opportunity to get their feet wet without worrying about paying for business development permit or licensing fees.  

Through what is known as the Millionaire’s Program — described as an initiative intended to help young residents explore their entrepreneurial spirit — the municipality will be facilitating their efforts by waiving the cost of home-based development permit as well as business licence fees.    

“This is a new program that we wanted to introduce,” said Linda Nelson, chief administrative officer, during council’s regular March 22 meeting conducted by teleconference.  

“Really what it is, is introducing youth into the permitting and business licensing system for young entrepreneurs,” she said, calling the initiative an educational program that’s offered at no cost. 

For example, it would allow a youth with a lemonade stand to learn how to navigate through the steps involved in obtaining a business license and development permit by applying through the municipality without having to worry about actually paying the fees, she said.   

“This does not mean that if a youth or a child is out with a lemonade stand, that they need to have a business license or a development permit,” she said, calling it an educational exercise for any youths interested in learning more about the process involved in starting a business from the ground up.  

“We’ve already had one application,” she said.  

Coun. Cheri Funke moved to approve the inception of the Millionaire’s Program for use in Sundre. 

Coun. Richard Warnock proposed an amendment in the motion to include a specific reference that the program comes at no cost for youth. 

No members of council opposed Warnock’s amendment, and the motion went on to be carried unanimously.