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SPOG receiving $3 million for monitoring pilot in the region

Methane emissions reduction technology being tested
spog receiving $3 million
SPOG executive director Tracey McCrimmon, left, speaks with Mountain View County reeve Bruce Beattie during Wednesday's announcement ceremony at the Black Gold Rush Industries facility just outside Sundre. Dan Singleton/MVP Staff

SUNDRE – The Sundre Petroleum Operators’ Group (SPOG) will receive $3 million to test the viability of methane emission reduction technology, officials announced at a news conference in Sundre this morning.

The funds are coming through the province’s recently launched Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) system.

Jason Nixon, Sundre-area MLA and provincial Minister of Environment and Parks, spoke during the Aug. 5 news conference, saying the SPOG funding will help industry “identify, track, measure and ultimately reduce emissions.”

SPOG is a collection of oil and gas companies with operations in the Sundre area. Tracey McCrimmon is the executive director of the organization.

“We are very excited to facilitate our methane emission management pilot that supports industry’s drive to reduce their environmental footprint in a cost-effective and collaborative approach,” said McCrimmon, who also is a board member of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

“In partnership with our SPOG producer members, we are striving to test the latest available technologies in detection and provide science-based solutions for methane emissions.”

SPOG will use aircraft, drones, road vehicles, fixed sensors and other equipment during the pilot project, she said.

Wednesday’s announcement also included $2 million TIER funding for the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada.

The announcement ceremony took place at the Black Gold Rush Industries facilities. The company is a SPOG member.

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