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Area residents race vintage Model-Ts to victory

Mostly 1926 parts on one, while the other was raced in the 1940s, 1950s

SUNDRE - Two Sundre-area residents recently raced their vintage Model T classics to victory at the Dinosaur Downs Speedway dirt track in Drumheller.

Paddy Munro and Bruce Brander were among 10 contenders competing for top spot on Aug. 15 and 16. Each day featured two heat races and a main event.

Munro, racing his No. 99 1926 Model-T, placed first on Aug. 15, while Brander, racing his No. 55 1924 Model-T, won the following day.

Munro’s car is described as a re-assembled Model-T made up of mostly 1926 parts while Brander’s car was an actual race car in the 1940s and into the mid-1950s.

“There was a circuit of Model-Ts that raced around Alberta then. They race on horseracing and chuckwagon tracks which is what the half-mile dirt track in Drumheller is,” Carol Douglas told the Albertan.

This year marks the track’s 10th year of operation, and the fifth consecutive year of Model-T racing at the track.