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Academic awards recognize Sundre students' scholastic success

Top Grade 12 scholar Tegan Warren recieves Governor General’s Bronze Medal Award
MVT-Tegan Warren
Sundre High School graduate and top scholar Tegan Warren was the recipient of the Governor General’s Bronze Medal, which is bestowed upon one student in each school. Established in 1873, the award recognizes students who have achieved the highest academic average in Grades 11-12 combined. The award is presented on behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada. Submitted photo

SUNDRE — The 2019-20 Sundre High School Academic Awards were held virtually this year.

More than 100 current and former students were honoured for their scholastic achievements. Students were recently presented their awards during the school day followed by a video presentation of all awards given out, including honour roll scrolls, subject awards, scholarships, and special awards. This video can be found by visiting Thousands of dollars worth of scholarships, awards, and bursaries were handed out.

Tegan Warren was recognized as the top Grade 12 scholar and was also awarded the Governor General’s Bronze Medal. Jordyn Roberts and Isabell McElhinney were named Grade 9 and Senior High Students of the Year respectively. 

We appreciate this opportunity to recognize these students as leaders and scholars. On behalf of Sundre High School, I would like to congratulate the students on their achievements and thank the organizations and individuals that provided scholarships for our students.

2019-20 Top Scholars

Grade 9 — Tristan White

Grade 10 — Samantha Turner

Grade 11 — Lawsen Augustowich

Grade 12 — Tegan Warren

Students of The Year

Grade 9 — Jordyn Roberts

High School — Isabell McElhinney

Congratulations once again to all of the students recognized. You have made your friends, parents, teachers, and community extremely proud!

Honour Roll

Grade 9 Honour Roll

An overall average of 80 per cent or greater from five subjects, four of which must be: L.A. 9, Social 9, Science 9, Math 9; and no failing marks in any subject.

Jacob Bowlen, Chandler Dziadek, Ashton Englehart, Hayden Fee, Mavry Fluet, Ava Fricker, Carter Gibson, Evan Hengen, Tristan Hillock, Ada Hopper, Thiess Larose, Rayna Lenz, Tate Lyle, Makayla May, Hudson Pinder, Breanna Raymond, Jordyn Roberts, Taryn Sandberg, Tayanah Scott, Tate Shand, Sara Smith, Chacie Stefanowich, Aidan Thiessen, Samantha Thorogood, Kiah Underwood, Aimee Walton, Tristan White.

Grade 10-12 Honour Roll

An overall average of 80% or greater from 25 credits, 5 credits from English, and 15 credits from Social, Science or Math disciplines at the 10/20/30 or 10-2/20-2/30-2 levels; and 5 credits from other courses with no failing marks in any subject. Note: Work Experience, Green Certificate, R.A.P, and Special Projects courses are not accepted for academic honors requirements.

Grade 10 Honour Roll

Gavin Beck, Raegan Blatchford, Allyssa Bontilao, Jaydon Braybrook, James Catubig, Daniel Choi, Nora Clayton, Emily Crouch, Sean Dickson, Tyson Gauthier, Matea Gobert, Hunter Hillock, Claudine Jeaurond, Arianna Klis, Cooper Marfleet, Shelby Milne, Scott Nicolai, Caleb Richardson, Koby Smith, Nina Spurrier, Tesla Steiner, Samantha Turner, Megan Weiss, Rees Wilson.

Grade 11 Honour Roll

Lawsen Augustowich, Jesse Cunningham, Alyssa Feil, Taylor Guzmanuk, Shelbi Hicks, Jacob Hopton, McKenna Kerik, Keanna Kyncl, Presley Layden, Madi Marfleet, Megan McBride, Julie McPhee, Rylie Mearns, Kaden Sandberg, Taylor Schepella, Sophie Taylor, Ethan Tetreault, Kyla Thiessen, Hayden White.

Grade 12 Honour Roll

Madison Anderson, Zane Barnett, Donovan Beck, Brianna Braybrook, Cody Casselman, Braden Day, Jaeden Gordon, Evan Grimstead, Paige Hall, Jakob Heath, Hunter MacDonald, Isabell McElhinney, Megan Moore, Curtis Plemel, Jaylyn Rautenburg, Nick Raymond, Clara Shand, Gabriel Tetreault, Erica Vincent, Tegan Warren, Jade Wilde, Carmen Wolfe, Jadin Wolfe.

Grade 9: Subject Awards

Art 9 — Jordyn Roberts

Cosmetology 9 — Rayna Lenz

High School Prep — Rayna Lenz

Instrumental Music 9 — Tristan Hillock and Tate Shand          

Language Arts 9 — Tristan White

Math 9 — Tristan White              

Physical Education 9 — Ashton Engelhart and Tate Shand

Science 9 — Jordyn Roberts and Tristan White

Social 9 — Tristan White   

Grade 10: Subject Awards

Art 10 — Raegan Blatchford

Astronomy — Tesla Steiner                            

Band 10 — Briley Scott, Samantha Turner, Megan Weiss and Rees Wilson             

CALM — Hunter Hillock and Samantha Turner

Cosmetology 10 — Nora Clayton                                          

English 10-1 — Allyssa Bontilao

English 10-2 — Selena Leussink                                                                                                       

Film Studies — Allyssa Bontilao     

Fitness — Tyson Gauthier, Quintin Ross and Montego Valle

Foods — Nora Clayton and Koby Smith

General Psychology — Nora Clayton

Leadership — Caleb Richardson                                                     

Math 10C — Samantha Turner

Physical Education 10 — Koby Smith

Science 10 — Samantha Turner

Science 14 — Colbie Glenn      

Social Studies 10-1 — Rees Wilson

Social Studies 10-2 — Dakota Hollar                        

Grade 11: Subject Awards

Abnormal Psychology — Madi Marfleet

Art 20 — Alyssa Feil

Band 20 — Lawsen Augustowich   

Biology 20 — Alyssa Feil and Hayden White

Chemistry 20 — Lawsen Augustowich

English 20-1 — Lawsen Augustowich

English 20-2 — Pol Dyck

Foods — Megan McBride

Forensic Psychology — Jessica Myram

Forensic Psychology — Sophie Taylor

Leadership — Lawsen Augustowich

Math 20-1 — Lawsen Augustowich

Math 20-2 — Kyla Thiessen

Physical Education 20 — Jesse Cunningham, Pol Dyck and Isaac Klassen

Physics 20 — Lawsen Augustowich

Science 20 — Madi Marfleet

Science 24 — Carter Bencharski

Social 20-1 — Lawsen Augustowich

Social 20-2 — Kyla Thiessen

Yearbook — Mikyla Wark                                           

Grade 12: Subject Awards

Band 30 — Tegan Warren

Biology 30 — Carmen Wolfe

Chemistry 30 — Carmen Wolfe

Cosmetology 30 — Jaeden Gordon

English 30-1 — Tegan Warren

English 30-2 — Phearson Larose

General Sociology — Madison Anderson

Math 30-1 — Cody Casselman

Math 30-2 — Paige Hall

Math 30-3 — Izak Brackley

Math 31 — Tegan Warren

Personal Psychology — Megan Moore

Physics 30 — Cody Casselman

Physical Education 30 — Zane Barnett

Science 30 — Evyn Read

Social Studies 30-1 — Tegan Warren / Carmen Wolfe

Social Studies 30-2 — Phearson Larose

World Geography — Paige Hall

Scholarships and awards

Governor General’s Bronze Medal

The Governor General’s Bronze Medal is bestowed upon one student in each school, established in 1873, recognizes students who have achieved the highest academic average in grades 11/12 combined. Presented on behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honorable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada. This award was presented to Tegan Warren.

Sundre Band Program Awards - Outstanding Musicianship Award

Ethan Sheridan and Max Sheridan

Murray Weiss Memorial Award

Lawsen Augustowich

Sundre & District Agricultural Society Scholarship

Ashley Schrauwen / Carmen Wolfe

Shell STEM Scholarship

Brianna Braybrook / Hunter MacDonald

Lions Club Bursaries

Erica Vincent / Carmen Wolfe

SPOG Scholarship

Ashley Schrauwen

Merit Contractors’ CTS Award

Logan Pana

Students' Union Scholarship

Verena Braun / Shanay Wilson  

Stephen Carrier RAP Memorial Scholarship

Mitchell Newsham       

Exceptional Achievement Award

Shay Closter

Personal Achievement Award

Daniel Choi