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The Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis: A Firsthand Account

Did you know that cannabis can do more than ease pain, improve mental health, and promote relaxation? Nathan explains how it can also boost creativity and promote an active mind.
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You’re in good hands at Revive Cannabis. The locally owned and operated store is run by families that have personally seen the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Today, one of the owners, Nathan Harrington, shares his story.

“My previous career was with the Correctional Service of Canada,” starts Nathan. “During my time in the service I experienced a significant number of violent incidents, causing lasting trauma that resulted in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The symptoms of PTSD became so difficult that at one time I was on about 12 different medications. I was lucky enough to find a doctor who suggested trying cannabis as an alternative therapy.”

It wasn’t an easy decision for Nathan. “As an active law enforcement officer, it was exceedingly difficult for me to accept that cannabis could be helpful when I had been taught my whole life that it was such a ‘harmful drug.’ At this point, the medications were only making things worse, so I decided to set my ego aside and trust the doctor’s advice. It was the best decision I ever made for my health.”

Nathan started with cannabis oil and quickly started feeling better.

“The need for each medication dropped away and within eight months of cannabis therapy, I was completely off all pharmaceutical medications. My body began to heal itself; I lost over 80 pounds; my sleep improved; my mood improved; and I began to experience love, hope, and joy again! People in my life noticed the change in me and started asking for advice.”

His wife and parents decided to try cannabis therapy and also enjoyed profound health benefits.

Nathan continues, “As I shared my experience with friends and family, I noticed a need in Innisfail for a business that offered access to cannabis and education. I wanted to help the members of our community improve their health and their wellbeing. The idea for Revive Cannabis was born.

“We decided to dedicate our lives to helping others improve theirs in a safe and healthy way. Having the opportunity to turn all the trauma, pain, and suffering into something wonderful has allowed me to use my experience to help others.”

Did you know that cannabis can do more than ease pain, improve mental health, and promote relaxation? Nathan explains how it can also boost creativity and promote an active mind.

“Many of the most creative people derive that creativity from achieving what is known as heart-brain coherence. Simply put, creativity emanates from the heart and is processed by the brain. When they are in coherence, creativity flows. Cannabis therapy assists the transition from head to heart perception and intelligence. Cannabis, when combined with intention practices, can assist with the dissolution of our head-based beliefs and drop us down into direct and intuitive heart perception and wisdom of the body. Simply put, cannabis takes the uglies away, so the creativity can come out and play!”

There are differences in the dominant strains (sativa and indica). The Revive Cannabis team helps customers choose between them.

“Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica strains are both psychoactive and both contain the cannabinoids required to interact with the endocannabinoid system for various therapeutic purposes,” says Nathan. “When choosing cannabis for wellbeing, sativa strains are typically best for daytime use if the goal is to enhance energy and focus to better complete daytime tasks. Sativas are generally stimulating, energizing, and uplifting, which increases alertness. Indica strains are typically best for late afternoon and evening use when the goal is to relax and unwind. They are typically more sedating, relaxing, and grounding and are great for relaxing around the campfire, watching a movie, or drifting off for a good night’s sleep.”

As for pain relief, Nathan says, “There are many cannabis products that can assist with pain and joint relief. Cannabis oils and capsules in both THC and CBD formats can provide systemic relief when taken on a regular basis and there many different topicals and bath products that can provide a localized relief effect. Within the topical category, there are roll on sticks, transdermal creams, lotions, and face serums. Many customers have reported significant pain relief with a localized cannabis topical application.”

The owners of Revive have all used cannabis therapeutically to treat various chronic and debilitating conditions. They provide their guidance not just from personal experience, but through two years of research and dispensary site visits prior to opening Revive, and ongoing research that will continue as new information is released.

Nathan says, “All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates many important functions of the body. The ECS produces nurturing responses to injuries and inflammation. It is involved in protective mechanisms against diseases. Supplementing your ECS with cannabis can enhance its functions. Many clients have reported the positive health effects of open-mindedness, creativity, humor, laughter, bliss, acceptance, tolerance, gratitude, and forgiveness, despite an often-difficult healing process.”

“Cannabis helps to create a system of balance within the body by reducing systemic inflammation and regulating many processes that can are often thrown out of balance through the physical, emotional, or environmental stresses of everyday life. Regular therapeutic use of cannabis can have positive, life changing results,” he concludes.

Revive Cannabis is designed to make customers feel comfortable and supported in their cannabis journey. There are no sales quotas or expectations to purchase. The goal is to educate and assist customers to empower themselves to improve their health and well being. Learn more at online and on Facebook.

The information contained in this article is for information purposes only. For specific medical advice, please talk to your doctor.