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Take Another Journey Through Didsbury

Journey Through Didsbury is a fun and engaging video “train ride” featuring stops at local businesses and local sites. After the success of the first series, Journey Through Didsbury 2 is getting ready to ride.

“I came up with the idea of Journey Through Didsbury in the spring of 2021 as a way to showcase the businesses in our town,” says Helen Hafke, Didsbury & District Chamber of Commerce President. “Utilizing the train allowed us to bring the history of Didsbury into play as we are a town that was established for CPR’s rail services. The Didsbury Chamber has the privilege of having our office at the Didsbury train station. This historic building* is the original train station and has been preserved for future generations.”

The project was fun but did come with some challenges. Hafke explains, “The most challenging part of the videos was deciding which businesses were showcased each week. It was decided to try and group by business type; some trains are longer than others. The part that was the most fun was showcasing different areas of Didsbury and being able to showcase the history. All the buildings’ stories include tales of fire, restoration and success.”

Journey Thorough Didsbury was a huge hit with more than 100,000 social media hits during its summer promotion.

“Many previous residents who now live across the country commented on how nice it was to see their Hometown again,” smiles Hafke. “Chamber members made sure they watched for their week and would share the post. It was a new approach to marketing and many Chamber members who had not renewed wanted to become members again so they could be a part of the event. Members also had specials for their week and they made sure their websites, Facebook pages, etc. were updated.

Now, the hottest “ticket” in town is for Journey Through Didsbury 2, which is currently under production. Hafke says, “We expect Journey 2 to be even bigger and better than the last. Track 2 will definitely be a journey of celebration.”

The sequel will also touch on an important milestone.

“Journey Though Didsbury 2 will once again showcase local businesses, but we are also celebrating 60 years of service for the Chamber this year. Our plan is to celebrate all our businesses and their anniversaries, so each train will be celebrating a range of years. Instead of local sites and buildings we will be featuring different events from the history of the Chamber.”

Are you ready to ride through the history of Didsbury, meet the people that run the local businesses, celebrate the milestone and visit important landmarks? If so check out Journey Through Didsbury on YouTube and get ready for the sequel, Journey Through Didsbury 2.

Learn more about the Didsbury & District Chamber of Commerce online and on Facebook.

*Fun Facts About the Historic Railway Station in Didsbury

This historic building got a big makeover in 1991. In addition to modern upgrades and renovations, the building was reoriented so that the old loading platform would face the street. However, the station lost none of its charm. The mansard roof, bell-cast eaves and distinctive brackets remain defining features. CPR built several small stations in this style during the early 1900s, but only the Didsbury depot still stands. Those that first saw the station after its completion in 1902 enjoyed the look of the original cedar shingle roof, brick chimney, fenestrated doors and solid wood floors.