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Internet provider delivers ‘big city’ digital service to Alberta’s rural communities

Enjoying life in a rural part of Canada doesn’t mean having to do without the convenience and connection of high-speed digital services.
Xplornet-photo (The Albertan)
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Enjoying life in a rural part of Canada doesn’t mean having to do without the convenience and connection of high-speed digital services.

Xplornet’s mission from day one has been to give customers in rural regions, such as in the Sundre and Olds areas of Alberta, the most up-to-date, speedy and unlimited connections to stream movies and surf the Internet as those living in the big city.

“Access to the Internet today has become so important, and we’ve been working on delivering that for a while,” says A. J. Struyk, Xplornet’s district manager. “We are the largest Canadian, wireless provider for rural users.

Keeping pace with demand for upgraded digital connections has been highlighted recently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have certainly noticed the increase in what I call the COVID era as people have made the shift to work from home,” Struyk says.

Xplornet is grateful to have been able to support their customers during the pandemic. Joan Butler, a customer in Red Deer, let the team know the service is meeting her family’s needs.

“My husband is working remotely, and service has been good,” she said in her comment.

But it’s not just COVID that has increased demand.

“Demand has really grown overall as people have increasingly turned their focus for entertainment to the variety of streaming services out there today,” Struyk says.

Making service to rural customers possible is Xplornet’s commitment to invest in infrastructure that delivers high-speed connections of up to 50 megabits per second (Mbps).

“We have worked significantly to upgrade our towers to provide a more consistent experience,” Struyk says. “We are just completing our massive upgrades in Olds and Sundre, which are just part of the puzzle of providing better Internet access to more customers.”

Previously, many users in the region had download speeds in the five Mbps range.

Now, with up to 50 Mbps from Xplornet, they can stream a number of devices simultaneously in their home without any problems.

“It’s a significant step forward. It allows multiple devices - gaming consoles, laptops and tablets - to have a better, uninterrupted experience,” Struyk says.

Couple that with Xplornet’s unlimited data, and it’s a care-free package to keep people well connected.

“It’s the peace of mind just knowing there will not be a shock bill at the end of the month,” Struyk says. “Some people acquaint data usage overages with their cellphone bills. And with home-based Internet, that’s just one place you really can’t afford to see it when it is such an important connection.”

Another great strength of Xplornet’s service is the customer service provided by local dealers - Rip’s Audio Video and Integrated Solutions.

Jesse Wilson of Integrated Solutions understands the difference that using a local dealer can make.

“The advantage of using a local service or provider is that the installer or agent is probably your neighbour. They could be on the same service as you and know the area and system inside and out,” Wilson says.

For more information on what Xplornet can do for you, visit or call 1-844-883-3811.