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Penhold residents in self-isolation after holiday in Mexico

Local travellers monitoring themselves for symptoms
Sanchez in Mexico WEB
Penhold residents Linda Yargeau, left, Danielle Klooster, centre, and Sharolyn Sanchez are self-isolating for 14 days after returning from Mexico on March 14. Submitted photo

PENHOLD - The global impacts of COVID-19 continue to be felt here in Central Alberta.

Penhold councillor Sharolyn Sanchez and friends Linda Yargeau and Danielle Klooster, all town residents, returned from a two-week trip to Mexico on the evening of March14.

All three are self-isolating for 14 days and monitoring themselves for any symptoms.

Sanchez said she understands the seriousness of the situation.

“Absolutely. We are taking it so seriously, that I spoke with my husband and I said you either have to leave before I come home and go stay somewhere else or you need to self- quarantine as well,” said Sanchez. “He chose to stay home for the two weeks and self-isolate with me.”    

Sanchez noted none in the group had any issues at customs or with their airline Swoop.

While away on vacation they kept informed of what was happening back home and around the world with regards to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19.

“We kept a check on the news and we went to the Alberta Health Services website regularly,” said Sanchez, adding they also read updates via social media.

“It changes rapidly. You could just be talking about coronavirus one week and then the next week you have a full-blown problem,” she added, noting she does know several people who recently cancelled trips out of the country due to COVID-19.

Sanchez said she and her husband are prepared to self-isolate for the recommended two-week period.

Being a Penhold town councillor, Sanchez said it was important to set an example for other Canadians who may be coming home from travelling abroad.

“Another reason I chose to self-isolate is because I am a leader in this community,” she said. "I believe I needed to lead in that way, by following those recommendations.”

Sanchez said she is not going to let fear of the virus or the situation impact her life.

“No, I am not scared. I choose faith over fear,” said Sanchez. “I don’t want to live my life afraid but I do want to live my life wisely. I’m going to be wise in the choices I make and I am going to make sure that I keep my friends and my family and myself safe, but not be doing it in a fearful way,” Sanchez concluded.

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