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Singing the praises of Ashley and Friends Playschool

As parents, we want the best for our children and want our kids to know everything and anything they can to be prepared for their future.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Gail Parks questions regarding what the City's priorities are and how the City can accomplish them.

Senseless acts of vandalism cost everyone

When you have been working in the field of community-based crime prevention and security for as long as I have there is one thing you never get used to – senseless acts of vandalism. Fact is, it costs all of us and in more ways than we realize.

No to NDP/Grit coalition

The media has been discussing a coalition between the Federal Liberal Party and the NDP hinting that secret discussions have been taking place at a senior level about a merger of the two parties.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Mayor Morris Flewwelling questions regarding environmental issues to the City and what Red Deer is currently doing to help better protect it.

Questions to consider when planning a renovation

Soon the days will grow shorter and we will spend more time inside looking at our floors and our walls and planning the next big renovation which is a good thing because then I get to meet you! Often the task is so overwhelming and seemingly unattain

Remembering message of 60s' flower children a thought for 2010

Five decades ago when I was young and innocent there were wars and horrible events happening around the globe but there was a prevalent counter culture that encouraged us to search for peace, love and harmony.

No excuse for beaver shooting

It sickened my heart to read of a person going out of his/her way to shoot this helpless creature (beaver – Express July 28). Of course it put Red Deer in a bad light.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Cindy Jefferies questions regarding what issues are important to her as an elected official and what can be done to achieve success in terms of those issues.

In defence of loud pipes

In regards to Mark Gaboury's Letter to the Editor (July 7 – 'Muffling the mufflers') my guess is that you don't ride a motorcycle. I do and I believe in the saying, 'Loud pipes save lives.