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Council taking wise second look at Netook

Re: ìDeveloper warns of ëdangerous precedent' as MVC shelves levyî by John Gleeson, Sept. 13.Mountain View County Council has taken some courageous stands in the past 10 months in response to an electoral mandate for change.

Students deserve drug-free school communities


Time for PCs to put 'olds boys club' out to pasture

Do you ever get the feeling something isn't quite right in Alberta? How is it our province has gotten a reputation as a dirty, corrupt place to live? A place of greed, a place that doesn't care about the environment, a place that throws its children'

Obesity plan good news for Alberta

The Stelmach government's decision to launch a comprehensive new program aimed at reducing obesity in Alberta is a worthwhile and much needed effort that will help tackle a growing and troubling trend affecting many communities and families, includin
Targeting one groupon suspicion is wrong

Targeting one groupon suspicion is wrong

The Town of Olds has agreed to move forward to collect research to see if the municipality should consider a way to control, monitor or even prohibit businesses that sell merchandise related to the drug culture.

After Jack and Iggy and Gilles, what comes next?

Letter to the Editor After Jack and Iggy and Gilles, what comes next? Interest in Canadian politics may well turn to the game of party leadership contests.

Layton's passing makes NDP lesser threat

Letter to the editor For several days last week NDP supporters, members, and elected representatives were in mourning and also basking in the glow of publicity surrounding Jack Layton's passing.

Do away with all distractions?

Letter to the editor Re: Editorial, page 6 of the Aug. 30, 2011 Olds Albertan I have a Bluetooth that came installed in the car.

Concentrate behind the wheel

Have you ever dialed a phone while driving? How about texting or setting your GPS? Either one takes your eyes off the road and anything can happen while your eyes are diverted elsewhere.

Bullying should be relegated to bad old days

Editorial Bullying should be relegated to bad old days With educators, staff, parents and other school community stakeholders doing more and more these days to make schools bullying free, the time may soon come when student-on-student abuse will be a