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Oilsands not up for grabs

Editorial Oilsands not up for grabs With the 2011 federal election now in the books, the controversial Alberta oilsands has resurfaced as a possible bone of contention between the province and the Harper government.

Drink up me hearties, yo-ho

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: three and a half stars Rated: PG-13 for violence and mature subject matter I’ve been a fan of the Pirates movies since the beginning.

Costly pay and pension deals are hurting Alberta's schools

It's been a tough spring for parents, teachers and ultimately students in Alberta's education system. Headlines about budget cuts and possible increased fees are an unfortunate way to end a school year.

Fire safety everyone's business

The massive wildfires that have swept northern Alberta in recent days have cause great hardship for thousands of residents and have cost the province millions and millions of dollars to fight.

Now lets get down to business

Guest editorial Prime Minister Stephen Harper all but begged Canadians to give him a majority to ensure his government could proceed with their initiatives to kickstart the economy and keep taxes down.

Albertans getting connected

A new online health tool connecting Albertans to trusted health care information and services, other health tools and wellness management tips has been launched.

All rise for the Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer: three and a half stars Rated: R for coarse language and mature subject matter I often wonder if defence attorneys lead the action-packed lifestyles they are portrayed as in the movies, lives where they must keep one eye open while

Life, love, and long distance

You should have seen me a year ago. Calling me the stereotypical bachelor would be putting it mildly. I invented new meals – Kraft Dinner flambé anyone? And life was simple, revolving around the essentials: hockey and football.

Is it time to cut Canada's ties toHouse of Windsor?

April's Royal wedding was an event that one might have expected to ignite a discussion about the monarchy's relevance to Canada. Unfortunately, the bride's dress received more media attention than the constitutional status of the House of Windsor.

Community safety a priority for government

By now, all Albertans, I am sure, are aware of the forest fires that devastated the Slave Lake community and many parts of northern Alberta. Along with our Premier, I toured the area and saw first-hand the devastation in the community.