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Wrong, and wrong

Banning smoking on private properties but allowing it in public spaces is wrong on two counts: it’s inefficient at reducing the harms of smoking and it’s offensive to the principles of a free society.

Fair wealth sharing sought

A recent study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows that Canada's best-paid 100 CEOs breezed through the worst of the recession with earnings 155 times higher than the average Canadian income earner.

Digging out, now and then

This recent cold spell with its blizzards and icy roads brings to mind the harrowing tales of our ancestors.

No such thing as a free lunch

Re: ìCouncillors pan policy of free dust control for someî by John Gleeson (Jan. 18).It's good to see that council will probably be trashing the free dust control program, in its budget deliberations.

Attack ads signal bitter election battle ahead

With a federal election becoming more and more likely in 2011, the Harper Tories have launched a series of attack ads aimed at the leadership of the Liberals and NDP.

Legion hopes to raise $250K for veterans program

Our objective is to bring to the attention of your readers a very worthwhile cause Royal Canadian Legion branches throughout Alta-NWT Command are actively supporting, namely the ìBuilding Bridges, The Outward Bound Veterans Program.

Lives trump a business's bottom line

Re: Bar and restaurant owners blast Bill 26 by Jennifer Isaac, Dec. 20.When a similar drinking and driving bill was introduced in B.C., published statistics show that deaths as a result of impaired or drunk driving were reduced by 40 per cent.

Health changes would first need clear public mandate

Editorial 1-3-11 Health changes would first need clear public mandate Although Premier Alison Redford continues to hold a large lead over her opposition party rivals, at least according to recent polls, it would be a mistake for the new Alberta leade

With future planning City finds better way

It was inevitable the City of Red Deer would move to bring planning services under its own roof at City Hall.

Big changes coming on Red Deer council

The 2010 civic election is still more than four months away but residents in the City and in Red Deer County have already been put on notice that big changes are in the wind. In the County, Mayor Earl Kinsella has announced his retirement.