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Letter: Who's living in whose territory?

Ron Lennox takes issue with fellow reader Jim Schulz's depiction of Eastern Canada as equivalent to a 30-year-old child living in Alberta's basement. Lennox says Canada is a 150-year-old child camping in the territories of indigenous people.

When reading Jim Schulz’s letter to the editor, published in the Sept. 3 edition of the Olds Albertan, I couldn’t help but imagine an Indigenous person’s response to his characterization of Eastern Canada as one of a 30-year-old child living in their basement.

I imagine them seeing Mr. Schulz’s boo-hoo and raising it too with an observation of Canada itself as a 150- year-old child camping in their territories, vandalizing their yards.

Truth and reconciliation just means that no child needs to run away because nobody gets kicked out of home.

By exacerbating queasies rather than quashing them, Mr. Schulz’s missive has no therapeutic value for Canada’s body politic.

Ron Lennox,