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Letter: What's next for regulating in bells, winds chimes?

Backyard ice patches are a cheap and wonderful way for families to make memories and get outside

Re: Council should discuss regulating backyard rinks in Olds, says councillor

Are we out looking for things to kill down with rules?

People have gotten very resourceful in this pandemic, and backyard ice patches are a cheap and wonderful way for families to make memories and get outside. 

But an Olds councillor suggests they be regulated. And for what reason, I'm not sure. 

By the sounds of it, slapshot noise is her concern, and that would only be somewhat valid if the rink had boards, which most don’t. 

What next? Rules governing bike bells, wind chimes, and the bouncing of basketballs? 

Olds’ bylaws about barking dogs and wandering cats aren’t enforced already, so why would we add another rule to the list? Especially one that only affects a handful of homes in a whole town, and for four months of the year. 

Surely the guaranteed squeals of happy children playing outside outweighs the noise of a few possible slapshots.

Judy Douglas,