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Letter: What to do with a cow that's not home on the range

Stray cow in the Eagle Hill area raises questions

What happens when a cow strays? One has landed in our field. We contacted Livestock Identification Services (LIS) almost three weeks ago.

The cow has an ear tag but we have not been able to get close enough to look for a brand.

The advice from LIS was to look for her owner in the area. We have put up posters, driven around to the neighbours, and phoned people. To no avail.

This appears to be a mature, black Angus cow. LIS says it's not ours so we can't do anything with it. No barbecues.

What happens if this lonely cow gets hurt, attacked by coyotes or a bear? What if she starves over the winter?

We are horse people and don't know what to do with a cow, even if we could get close to her, much less, catch her.

Alberta Livestock has not been any help at all. So what happens to stray cows? Anyone who can offer any help or advice can call 403-800-8497.

Max Coote,

Eagle Hill