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Letter: We're in a war against an invisible enemy

Kudos to Dale Dunham of The Coffee Cottage in Innisfail and others who take this seriously

Re:  Glen Carritt’s Innisfail Easter party being investigated

It appears Mr. Carritt has again done it to himself. You don’t have to look hard to see the folly of an irrational position. 

I would remind people that this is global pandemic, as attested to by the number of fatalities, now over three million worldwide. More than 2,000 Albertans are dead.

However, Mr. Carritt says it hasn't been proven. Perhaps he should talk to some health-care workers in the Calgary or Edmonton ICUs, or bereaved families. What proof, if any, would change his mind? 

This is a war against an invisible enemy, something most cannot relate to until it strikes close to home. 

During the Second World War, it took years before the United States finally recognized the enemy. Then, they embraced the war effort and made huge sacrifices to fight for the freedom and safety of the world. 

Tens of thousands gave their lives, millions of men and women worked tirelessly to produce arms and supplies. Food, fuel and products were rationed.

But here in central Alberta, for some, it seems too much to give up an Easter egg hunt, or wear a mask, or close their doors until safety is ensured. 

Kudos to Dale Dunham of The Coffee Cottage and others who take this seriously and abide by the rules and regulations, which although imperfect, are there to guard our collective health. 

I shudder to think how bad things would be now if nobody had taken precautions, developed vaccines, worn masks or instigated lockdowns around the world.

Also, I would like to reassure Mr. R. Wik  who penned Letter: Canada is still a free country, I think that I'm no expert; however my mind is open. I would gladly hear the proof that the Black Lives Matter movement is a Marxist organization and that COVID-19 is a worldwide hoax perpetrated by governments. 

Until proven otherwise, I'd appreciate it if Mr. Carritt and his blindly loyal supporters would do their part to protect the rest of us. 

Alex Baradoy,