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Letter: Time to pull together to get through


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney reminds us very frequently that we are facing an economic crisis the likes of which we have not seen since the great depression of the 1930s.

I believe that if he would pull his head out of the tarsands and look around the world he would find that the situation is the same pretty much all over the world.

We have to realize that the oil industry is not going to be able to pull us out of this situation this time like it has in the past. The time for whining and complaining has past and we now have to start working on positive solutions to get us through this extremely difficult situation.

April 16, 2019 UCP comes to power in Alberta. Since that time the UCP have embarked on a very destructive mean-spirited path in an effort to stimulate the economy.

They have caused irreparable damage to our health care and education systems. They have unceremoniously fired hundreds of our highly respected taxpaying teachers and nurses.

The UCP would like us to think that the oil industry is the only resource in Alberta, when in fact it is only one of many resources we have in Alberta.

We have a tremendous agricultural industry, forest industry, tourist industry and a good many smaller industries. We are very rich in resources.

So now the UCP has to immediately get to work on a plan to get us back on track to prosperity when this pandemic and lock down end.

The first thing that they will have to do is find the courage to implement a seven per cent provincial sales tax so that their wealthy friends and contributors will have a chance to contribute to the rebuild of the province.

I firmly believe that our wealthy Albertans will be happy to contribute to the rebuild of the province if they are given a chance with the implementation of a seven per cent PST.

What I am about to suggest would probably constitute a treasonous act for a card-carrying UCP member in ordinary times but these are not ordinary times and I think we are all going to have to pull together to get us through these very difficult times.

I would like to see UCP team up with the NDP team and their leader Rachel Notley. There has been a lot of animosity built up here but maybe for the good of the province she might consider it.

She is quite brilliant. She took Trudeau's phony butt-kissing carbon tax and turned it into hundreds of good jobs for Albertans, building hospitals, schools and roads. Just imagine what she could do with a seven per cent billion dollar PST cheque.

I believe Alberta is in a good position to come out of this situation in very good shape even with the downturn in the oil industry and the pandemic if can all pull together.

Ken Heck,

Mountain View County