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Letter: There's an obvious solution to O-NET situation

Sundre, Didsbury situation may shed some thought transformation here in Olds

The major issue regarding Olds Institute et al. appears to be this present council's handling of Olds Institute.

There has been little or no concern to the fact that there is a considerable -- $20 million considering loans, liens and subsidies -- amount of public funds (tax dollars) in play. It is certain that previous councils played a role in this controversy and are party to the present council's dilemma. So too, for Olds Institute.

The emergence of Xplornet in Sundre and the absence of a town debt to the Sundre citizens might shed some thought transformation here in Olds. Also, Didsbury's high speed fibre is another example of Olds Institute and council being outmaneuvered.

Nevertheless, accepting the popular concept that O-NET is a "gem" and a "success," an obvious solution would be for the local enthusiasts to step up to the plate and buy it.

In doing so, the town's debt would be relieved, community spirit becomes paramount and the tax burden eliminated.

Bill Windsor,