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Letter: There should be even more flags at Town of Olds office

Letter writer suggests a seventh flagpole at Town of Olds office to accommodate occasional special requests
MVT Olds Town Hall flags-1
A look at the town, Canadian, and provincial flags that currently fly outside the Town of Olds administration office. Council has discussed the possibility of flying a Treaty 7 and possibly a Metis flag there as well.

Re: Flags at the Town of Olds administration office

If I read the newspaper article correctly, town council voted to add two more flagpoles at the town office to fly the Metis and Indigenous flags.

I don't understand why town council stopped at five flags and why no one has asked the council to fly the rainbow flag, which I am now doing and am quite sure that I am not alone.

I would further suggest a seventh flagpole to accommodate occasional special requests.

I would further request that the seventh pole currently fly the Ukrainian flag.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Bob Worsfold,