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Letter: Support Alberta-made products

I would suggest Alberta companies producing products for consumption include Made in Alberta

I was very disappointed going to the grocery store for a short list of essentials. In the dairy section all the four-litre jugs of milk proudly displayed a B.C. sticker on the cap. I wondered, does Alberta not have enough dairy farms?

In the bakery section a young fellow was restocking shelves with fresh French bread, while waiting for him to finish I noticed the box the bread was being taken from indicated "Baked in Richmond, B.C." At least the individual packaging boasted “made with grain from Western Canada.”

In the produce section all the apples available were imported from Washington, U.S.A., I could not find any apples grown in Canada. 

With our economy in Alberta in such a state, if I was sitting in the government “Sky Palace” would it not be a priority to identify where business growth incentives and possibly even import tariff or duties could be implemented?

Further, I would suggest Alberta companies producing products for consumption, include "Made in Alberta" on the packaging so we can be sure to support them.

Dean Moore,