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Letter: Sundre's firefighters deserve respect, support

What would we do without them?

Recently my great-nephew was set to celebrate his birthday COVID-19 style. With all the restrictions we are asked to follow there was not going to be a birthday party with his friends.

I saw where the fire departments in Calgary were doing drive-by greetings for people for various reasons and called to see if the Sundre fire department was doing the same. The evening of his birthday, several personnel from the department took their personal time to come and make a young man’s day.

I think we need to take time to realize that every time the Sundre volunteer fire department is called out for whatever the reason, they do it on their own time and with minimal compensation. They work like a well-oiled machine on the spur of the moment.

This is not something that is accomplished overnight. Lots of personal hours have been invested to be able to achieve this status. Many of the members have dedicated a lot of years caring for the town and surrounding area while some are new but they all do this because they care.

Some of the calls are less serious in nature and some are very unsettling for everyone concerned. Regardless, they are there for everyone. We all know of a time when they were there for your neighbour, a friend or perhaps even yourself.

What would we do without a fire department in Sundre? Time matters. Minutes can turn into hours when you are waiting for a response to any incident. How far away is the closest fire department?

The administration of the Town of Sundre need to realize what we have would be very difficult to replace. Support and recognition for efforts put forth by the department would go a long way. Respect for the fire chief and the rest of the members is automatically assumed. The community, as a whole, is learning that this is not necessarily the case.

We need to recognize the work these volunteers do, not only during the pandemic by at all times.

They are there 24/7/365.

We say thanks to all the fire department personnel for all that they do.

Evelyn Mill,