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Letter: Stop blaming businesses for mask requirement

Stop threatening Innisfail registries and insurance broker staff for following guidelines

We are tired. Just like you we are all tired of this pandemic. We are all tired of the restrictions and we hate wearing the masks as much as you do. We need people to understand this.  

As an essential business in Innisfail, we are doing everything that we can to keep our doors open so we can continue to assist you.  

We have been able to do this by following the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services (AHS) and we do not deserve to be yelled at and threatened every single day by someone who is medically exempt from wearing a mask or by the anti-maskers out there.  

We are more than willing to accommodate those of you who are exempt. Due to the space limitations in our office, our only option is to arrange a time after hours.

Arranging a time when you are in the office alone helps to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our other customers and our staff.  

As per direct instructions from AHS this is the best option for all concerned to allow us to remain open and still follow the public mandate that is currently in place.

We are taking time out of our day when we stay late for you, but we are happy to make these arrangements, so you can get what you need done and stay safe.  

Please understand that if one of our staff contracts COVID-19 this could effectively close our entire office for a minimum of two weeks. 

Please stop threatening us for following these guidelines. Please stop yelling at our staff when they ask you to put on a mask.  And if you are medically exempt, please call ahead so we can make arrangements to help you.  

We did not ask for this pandemic. We are all just doing the best we can to cope.

Vicki Livingstone, on behalf of the entire staff of Freeman Insurance and Friar Registries,