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Letter: 'Shocked' to hear backyard rinks need regulating in Olds

I want to live in a town where we celebrate our children and all the good that they represent

Re: "Regulate backyard rinks, says Olds councillor" in the March 16 edition of The Albertan

I was shocked to read the concerns of Coun. Mary Anne Overwater about outdoor skating/hockey rinks in residents' backyards and the need to regulate them.

I cannot comprehend how over-regulating childrens' outdoor activities would be a priority for town council.

Not only is the backyard outdoor ice hockey/skating rink often considered to be a Canadian institution, never in our history have children needed to be more active. Rates of obesity have been skyrocketing in Canada and we should all be looking for ways to increase physical activity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, so much has been taken away from our children. For over a year now, most of our children have not been able to participate in community and school sports.

It seems to me that outdoor recreational activities should be encouraged as these are so necessary for both physical and mental health. There is something to be said for the fact that children are not attached to their devices when they are actively embracing outdoor recreation.

I want to live in a town where we celebrate our children and all the good that they represent. In Olds, we are so blessed to have great kids in our midst. I welcome the sound of children playing, slapshots and all.

I urge the council to table this item forever and focus on issues that are truly relevant to governing our town

Maggie Robblee,