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Letter: Parks cuts are penny wise and pound foolish

Parks are good for health and well-being reader says

This letter is addressed to Premier Jason Kenney and/or Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills MLA Nathan Cooper.

As a loyal supporter of the United Conservative Party, you and your government, I recognize the need for fiscal restraint and cutbacks.

Most of what has been unveiled so far appears wise and necessary for getting our house (spending) in order.

However, the closing of — and other modifications to — many of our provincial parks appears to be “penny wise and pound foolish” if the saving is only $5 million or even $15 million. So why do it?

It seems contradictory to your stated (and wise) goal of increasing tourism.

Many of these parks are necessary for tourist dollars and the quality of life for nearby small towns.

Eliminating or reducing their attractions creates increased stress, not to mention increased pollution as visitors are forced to travel further.

Parks contribute to mental health and well-being. Do we really want to increase our health-care spending to save a few bucks on parks?

I don’t think your government has given this decision enough thought. Parks aren’t designed to make money.

Murray R. Johnston,