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Letter: Olds mayor responds to code of conduct letter

Two councillors made decision to forward complaints to independent investigator

In response to the letter to the editor Letter: Olds taxpayers punished for council's infighting published in The Albertan:

The Town of Olds council abides by the Code of Conduct Bylaw 2018-01 as legislated by the Municipal Government Act.

In compliance with the code of conduct, the “Receiving body” made up of Coun. Mary Jane Harper and Coun. Wanda Blatz decided to forward the code of conduct complaints to an independent investigator to ensure that they would be handled in a fair, unbiased and impartial manner.

Council takes a breach of code of conduct seriously and the full disclosure of the unredacted report and total cost incurred was published in order to remain open and transparent to the citizens of Olds.

I encourage those interested to please view the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 2018-01 and the investigator’s reports on the Town of Olds website, at:

In closing, council and I are very open and transparent and are willing to speak with any resident.  If you hear something that concerns you, please reach out to us for clarity.  I may be contacted at 403-438-0229 or by email at  and council’s contact information is on our website, at:

Michael Muzychka,

Town of Olds mayor