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Letter: Not impressed with 'anarchistic' public display


On the weekend of May 30-31 an individual with a group was flying our Canadian flag upside down. I was not impressed.

How does this type of anarchistic public display help promote Sundre to our many visitors who pass through this intersection on weekends?

I offer to say that it does not look good, reasonable or progressive. I am not comfortable with allowing this group of protesters to regularly gather at this intersection (Main Ave. and Centre Street).

The organizer is also actively promoting their viewpoints on Facebook using Sundre as a backdrop.

Have they been granted the right to congregate at this intersection? If so, I would suggest that it be reviewed.

We just lost six Canadian Armed Forces personnel, as well as the recent horrible incident in Nova Scotia.

I think it is shameful for this group to be so unpatriotic and that the Town of Sundre (may unknowingly) be allowing it to continue unhindered.

To be honest, it just doesn’t look good on us as a town.

William Davies,


(Editor's note - Sundre Mayor Terry Leslie told The Albertan that a permit is not required in this case)