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Letter: Mountain View County should keep the trees near Didsbury

Writer dismayed that Mountain View County council is even considering removal of trees to satisfy two farmers when 100 neighbouring residents signed petition opposing project

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear the sound? More importantly – if trees are cut down, does anyone know the long-term effects on climate change?

Each tree releases harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when cut down.  

Trees play a vital role in so many things. They provide a home for a variety of animals, help to maintain soils and balance the global ecosystem. Most importantly, trees sequester carbon and provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe.  

Given these facts about deforestation and the devastating effects on the planet, why would we allow trees to be removed unnecessarily?  

The council members of Mountain View County will be deciding the fate of the trees located on Twp. Rd. 314 between Rge. Rd. 22 and Rge. Rd. 23 at the request of two adjacent landowners, their argument being that the road is not wide enough to get their large farm equipment between the trees.  

I have taken the time to measure the gate access to their fields and the space between the trees on the road. Both measurements are 35 feet.

Another argument was that the stop sign at Rge. Rd. 22 was not visible because of the trees. I found this argument to be false.  

The farmers also would like the road to be accessible in the winter and they are saying that the trees hold the snow and cause drifting. A snow fence might be a cheaper route to try as they are primarily employed to minimize the amount of snow drifting on roadways.  

It should be noted that this roadway is not an active bus route and has been posted by the county as “Seasonal."

As for the issue of first responders being able to access the people who live on this road in an emergency – the road directly west of them is a paved road with very easy access.  

Having lived more than 30 years within walking distance of this beautiful tree-lined country road, we have witnessed God’s paintbrush on this worldly canvas on a late afternoon autumn day or a morning of hoarfrost covered trees.  

Once they are removed, they will no longer provide future generations of this sight. It is disappointing to see that the Mountain View County council is considering tree removal to satisfy two farmers and going against almost 100 nearby taxpaying residents who have signed a petition against the removal.  

Gil Enns,

Mountain View County