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Letter: Mask views dangerous to the public

Reader questions claim that not wearing a mask could save lives

After reading Letter: Mask policy questioned written by Lee Eddy, I am left wondering who is Lee Eddy of Red Deer County?

And, should I, or any other reader take Lee Eddy’s perspective on mask use seriously?

Lee’s last line is as follows, “Perhaps writing this, I have saved someone’s life.” Does Lee really believe that advising people to not wear a mask while shopping could save lives?

While Lee does make an insightful reference to pig farm bio security, the main thrust of Lee’s letter was to strongly suggest that going from store to store while wearing a mask will promote the spread of COVID because “Now you have a garment that could have COVID going from place to place.”

Well now, let’s think about this logic. Yes, a mask is a garment but so too are your pants, your shirt, your dress, your boots, your purse, your watch, your hat, your…the list goes on and on.

Does Lee have a medical degree? Is Lee a self-professed science buff? Is Lee a pig farm “bio security” expert or, perhaps, an immunologist? Does Lee also believe that mask use will cause a spike in retail crime?

I am also wondering if Lee can disclose to readers the source of the claim that will “confirm” the connection between mask use and the Edmonton Walmart COVID outbreak?

More importantly for Lee, and all those who think mask use is promoting the spread of COVID, has Lee not read the COVID guidelines published by Health Canada?

The ideas promoted in the letter “Mask policy questioned” written by Lee Eddy and published in last week’s Albertan are dangerous to the public.  

At best, the ideas expressed are reckless, uninformed and counter-productive; worst case scenario the ideas are deadly.

I have copied the government link that will help readers gain a better (more science based) insight regarding the prevention of disease spread and I’ve attached an excerpt that deals specifically with mask use:

“Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering while out in public is recommended for periods of time when it’s not possible to consistently maintain a two-metre physical distance from others particularly in crowded public settings such as:

• shopping areas

• public transportation

• stores and personal service settings

"In some situations provincial or territorial public health authorities have made it mandatory to wear a non-medical mask (or face covering) in public areas. Public health  officials make such recommendations based on a number of factors including how much COVID-19 is circulating in your community. In some jurisdictions the use of masks in many indoor public spaces and on public transit is now mandatory. You can check with your local public health authority on the requirements for your location.

"Masks alone won’t prevent the spread of COVID-19. You must consistently and strictly adhere to good hygiene and public health measures inlcuding core personal practices like frequent hand washing and pysical distancing."

Bruce Madore,


Editor’s note: Bruce is a severely immune compromised resident of Innisfail who has not been shopping since March 12.