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Letter: Mask policy questioned

'This seems very stupid, to be quite frank'

I could not be quiet any longer about the mask policies some businesses are establishing.

Quite frankly a veterinarian would be handling this COVID thing way better. Pig farmers who have bio security supply the masks and suits when you visit.

Someone who is going from farm to farm and supplying his or her own mask could also possibly be carrying the disease from farm to farm. To eliminate this route of transmission, farms supply the masks.

Now when I see businesses requiring you to wear a mask and you supply the mask, this seems very stupid, to be quite frank. Now you have a garment that could have COVID going from place to place.

I feel safer going to a store that does not require masks than those that do. Walmart Edmonton outbreak confirms what I have mentioned above.

Reacting rather then doing some forward thinking seems to be a common theme in dealing with this pandamic.

Perhaps writing this, I have saved someone's life.

Lee Eddy,

Red Deer County