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Letter: I want evidence, not half truths

If we allow coal mining it must be shown to be safe, and use carbon capture

Re: Letter: Coal is an old, outdated, dirty form of energy

I am not a fan of coal mining, yet when I see a letter with so many errors or irrelevant data, I have to comment. 

The writer starts by stating that the Alberta increased clear cut logging by 33 per cent. Sustainable logging, as practised in Alberta, is considered to be one of the green industries that we will have to increase, if we get rid of fossil fuels, so look for more clear cutting in the future.

Germany is switching from burning coal, to burning wood to generate electricity. It increases particulate matter, but recycles the CO2, making it ‘green’. 

Then the writer talks about a water licence that was applied for months ago, and finally made it through the system shortly after the project was shut down. 

She said it was to be used for mining and exploration, and it was a lot of water. But, the licence says they can only use maximum of 450 cubic/m, from a dugout constructed to catch runoff. It may only be used for dust suppression while drilling bore holes, and cannot be used for mining. 

The company shut down all exploration work when the project was denied, yet people keep insisting that they are still exploring. 

Algoma steel is switching from making steel to recycling steel. Steel is made by mixing carbon from metallurgical coal with iron. Steel cannot be made without carbon. 

Now Canada will have to buy new steel from other countries as we will have lost our largest source. Most likely, we will buy from China who under the Paris accord pledged to keep increasing its CO2 emissions until 2035. 

This is just shifting where the carbon is emitted. Unions at Algoma are outraged at all the jobs being lost. It is irrelevant what people think, if they aren’t given the facts. Give them the facts, then poll them. 

If we allow coal mining it must be shown to be safe, and use carbon capture, if we keep clear cutting, we need to avoid streams and steep hill sides, where we currently log. I want evidence, actual facts, not half truths, before I make up my mind. 

Bob Wilson,