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Letter: I don't believe racism is malignant


Racism is borne of fear and ignorance, fear that someone will take something of yours away (security) and your ignorance of the facts around that certain someone.

Security is when you see a reflection of yourself everyday, be it in the grocery store, on TV, or at work. You become comfortable in your community because you are the majority.

But for some people, when they see or meet others who not only look different, but think and behave different than them, and don't share their same values, then they become a threat to their security.  And racism is used as a tool to maintain your security.

Ignorance is when some people say, oh those so and so people are all alike; therefore I am justified in my racism. And if there is one cancer that will eat away at a society, it is ignorance, because it is false and unjust.

As Canadians, we like to look at the U.S.A. and point fingers and say now there's some real racism. But what we don't admit is that in Canada, we serve ours with a smile.

It is sometimes referred to as institutional racism. It becomes harder to pin point it because of its subtlety. But I don't believe racism is malignant.

I believe racism can be cured with education, humility, and acceptance. No one is going anywhere. We're all stuck on this patch of dirt together.

No sense drawing lines and asking one another to stay on their side of the line because that only teaches our kids to do the same.

Lets all do our part and accept one another as we are. We all know that there is only truly one judge. It goes by many different names. And the last time I checked, neither you nor I are it.

- Dennis Allen,