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Letter: Helping hands to the rescue

Bystanders immediately came to assist following bike incident

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the three Good Samaritans and the generous folks at Didsbury K&W Drive Inn.

On May 13, I took a header off my bicycle almost right in front of the Didsbury K&W Drive Inn.  

As I lay flat out I could hear people calling, are you OK? Immediately, there were two young men kneeling down beside me, offering me a hand up, water, help to the nearest picnic table.  

At the same time another young man, driving a pick-up stopped to offer help.

By this time I am crying and the first two helped me, a 75 year-old grandma, to sit at the picnic table.

Tammy Jean and Paul at K&W offered napkins, paper towel for clean-up and water. The kind soul in the truck came back, offering to put my bike in the truck and drive me home. They were all so kind and encouraging.

Aside from a good scrape on my elbow, a nasty bruise on my leg and, I suspect a bit of shock, I was undamaged.  

My wish was to buy all these three young men their lunch, but they had already done that themselves and I did not have the presence of mind to ask their names and phone numbers.  

I walked the two blocks home, pushing my bike, feeling so thankful for the kindness of strangers.  

Lesson learned: wear your helmet grandmas, even if it does mess up your hair. I think the results for me would have been much different if I had not been wearing mine.

In spite of all the disturbing things happening in our world, I believe most folks are ready to help if the opportunity is there and a need evident.

Thank you again to my three Good Samaritans and the K&W in keepers.

- Astrid Nicoll, Didsbury