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Letter: Heaven forbid he gets re-elected

My complaint only rated an automated computer reply

Re: Letter: MLA Devin Dreeshen's inactivity is inexcusable

Right on, letter writer Byron Goulding, for scolding the UCP calendar boy Devin (do-nothing) Dreeshen. I too have had the experience of being totally ignored by the MAGA hat-wearing pretty boy.  

A while back when a young Alberta farm boy from Sundre was beaten up by four sheriffs, and the family tractor damaged as a result of their incompetence, I complained loudly to Mr. Dreeshen. After all, don't we expect a minister of Agriculture to stand up for the farmers? 

I guess he was too busy smiling for a photo op, or telling workers they are safe when he knew damn well their meat plant had a COVID-19 outbreak.

Well, what have we come to expect from politicians these days, other than lies and avoidance? It would have been nice to receive even a polite form letter, you know the old “I'll look into it” line, before it goes to the junk file. My complaint only rated an automated computer reply. Thank you for blah, blah, blah.

But I'll be sure to get some glossy pamphlets come election time though, telling me what a hard working MLA he is. Ha!

Heaven forbid he gets re-elected; I would hate to have him collect the golden second-term pension on our dime for the rest of his life.

Alex Baradoy,