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Letter: Enough blundering by current ruling party

To all the hypocrites that decided to vacation outside the country...

I am addressing this letter to all the hypocrites that decided (with or without their leaders' approval) to vacation outside the country.

Are the citizens of this province only good enough to vote for you and you don't mind exposing us to you, possibly bringing back more than souvenirs from foreign countries?

We should do you the courtesy of giving you two options - either resign from your position of trust or, since you like to be abroad better than in your home country - stay there. Don't bother returning to Canada.

As for me, come voting time (and that can't come soon enough) I am not going to make my x in the wrong spot twice. I sure hope that more people will remember that. Enough blundering by the current ruling party and it's leader. They have reached their limit.

Bob Brewer,