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Letter: Don't repurpose AG Foods building in Didsbury as suggested

Use the money elsewhere, reader says

This is in regards to the recent letter to the editor on repurposing the AG Foods building.

Didsbury already has senior support services, 5-0, train station, Elks, etc.

As far as incorporating kids with seniors and apparently bringing the community together, I think that is just another word for free babysitters.

I have been in the new seniors support office and had something that needed to be discussed in private.

The young girl, although very nice, had no clue as to what I was trying to find out about and did not offer to find out.

As well, she sat me at an open table in the kids' area where they were running around and trying to get my attention.

We raised our kids and have grandkids and I no longer am interested in those things. So I think that's a bad idea.

I say that the AG Foods building will remain empty and unused like the rest of the vacant buildings and houses that don't sell in Didsbury.

The kids will probably use the parking lot as a skate park anyways, and you can waste our hard-earned money elsewhere -- maybe another liquor store?

Debbie Wilson,