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Letter: 'Crime against humanity' sign distributor responds

Lockdowns and masks are not responsible for the low death rate, says letter writer
Re: "Really, a crime against humanity?" page 32, April 20 Albertan

As the person responsible for having the signs "Lockdowns are a Crime Against Humanity" made and distributed, I believe that I must respond. I did think long and hard about this particular catchphrase.

The businesses that were referred to in the above mentioned letter, placed signs in their windows to support other small businesses which have been forced to close/reduce productivity, not just twice but three times. You're correct, Mr. Madore (letter writer), bonafide victims of the Holocaust would be horrified by the comparison.

But it all began in the 1930s by government overreach, police intrusion into everyday normal events and the constant fear mongering even when people with knowledge and authority knew better.

There has been no debate in our legislature. No comparison of the differing scientific perspectives on masks; the true value of PCR testing; the actual meaning of "cases" – age, comorbidities (combination of diseases in the same person) and circumstances. Not only are school age children going to carry the "scariness" of COVID, COVID, COVID for many years but too many seniors in LTC have died without the love and attention of family members by their side during what can be a long and difficult period, even under normal circumstances. You've heard it all.

As for COVID statistics (per government of Alberta) as of April 4, 2021:  Population: 4,428,112.  Deaths: 1,198.  Death rate: 0.05 per cent.  Survival rate: 99.95 per cent.  Even with the so-called variants, the death rate will not change significantly. Most deaths are over 80, although there were 19 in age range 20 - 39. This is quite insignificant compared to the young men who died in the First World War and the Second World War so that we can have the freedoms which are being slowly chipped away.

Lockdowns and masks are not responsible for the low death rate. Increased cleanliness, almost excessively killing "healthy" germs, social distancing when needed, and overall good health of the general population are the main factors. We also need herd immunity as much as vaccines. By the way, the total deaths in Alberta in 2019 was 26,138. Statistics for overall deaths in 2020 are not available.

I do believe that most Albertans are accepting what fate has handed them "with grace, fortitude and perseverance". And at the same time believing it is all BS. I am 72 years of age. I have gone everywhere I can to meet as many people as I can over the past year, mostly without a mask. One might say that I am inviting disaster. Perhaps I will die of COVID – I will die of something – but I will not die cringing. I will die challenging what I believe is a crime against humanity.

Mary Flemming,