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Letter: Creating an old-fashioned skating surface in Olds

Young and old enjoy utilizing cleared portions of lake

Our neighbours Brien and Verna McDonald clear off a skating/hockey rink on Winter Lake each year and then spend hours almost daily cleaning, patching and flooding it so their grandchildren and the children and grandchildren of many, many other families can enjoy the outdoor fun of a good old-fashioned outdoor ice surface.

And does it get used, especially in a wonderful weather season like we've had this year.

Families with sticks and skates slung over their shoulders park up on Winter Drive, walk down and lace up on the benches put there by the McDonalds and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Then at some point, they may all take a break and push the snow off to improve the ice surface, using the shovels left there for this purpose.

From adults to wee tykes who can barely stand up, all are entertained, thanks to the dedication of this family. They even provide a spotlight from their house that allows the teens to play shinny well into the evenings.

There is another rink on the east end of the lake provided by other volunteers in our community. I don't know who is dedicated to looking after that one, but our thanks to them as well.

I just hope that everyone who takes advantage of the commitment of these community members takes a moment to at least say thank you in spirit -- if not in person -- as this is the kind of contribution that makes Olds such a special place to live and play in.

Stirling McLeod,