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Letter: Community efforts, accomplishment disrespected

I feel that Olds town officials do not understand the "value" of a dollar

I am writing to express extreme disappointment with the actions and attitude of the mayor, council and administration of the Town of Olds with regard to the "strong-arm" takeover of the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development and O-NET.

I have been a resident of Olds for 63 years, serving on town council for 18 of those years. In my years of serving both the town and the community, I have never witnessed an action that has been so disrespectful of community efforts and accomplishment.

I feel that town officials do not understand the "value" of a dollar. Why would they spend significant taxpayer dollars on lawyers before discussing and negotiating with community organizations?

These unwarranted actions are destroying the positive reputation of the town and the community that has been built over the years.

I feel I can no longer trust this mayor, council and administration.

Ken Gillrie,