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Letter: Cemetery volunteers do great community service

Hainstock Cemetery's natural landscape is restful

Re: Donations to beautify Hainstock Cemetery requested

I am concerned that the people who initiated the fundraiser to “beautify” the Hainstock Cemetery consider it neglected. 

I have visited this small rural cemetery often over the last 60 plus years and it has not changed much. My family are buried there, four grandparents, mother and father, two siblings and several aunts and uncles. Personally, I find the natural landscape restful. 

It is a small piece of native unbroken prairie, a rightful place for early settlers to be laid to rest. I am glad my family are there. I will be too one day. 

The Albertan article seems unjustly critical of the small volunteer board who oversee the cemetery, searching every year for someone to cut the grass and undertaking essential jobs. 

The board secretary-treasurer, Linda Ogilvie, is extremely helpful and responsive. She is the person, who, as a volunteer, keeps the records, collects fees and marks grave sites when there is a burial. 

I understand Linda has done this for well over 20 years. She is to be commended for her outstanding community service. All the volunteers who have looked after this site over the years are to be thanked.

Anita Thomas,

former Hainstock resident