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Letter: Call it Alberta Bound or Texas North

Political considerations
MVT stock separation
Letter writer says separating from Canada will throw away our heritage, our history and our culture. File image

Re: Commentary: Separation would pose many questions

Yes, let’s separate from Canada and create a new identity. We could call the new country Alberta Bound or Texas North.

Jason Kenney could become its first prime minister, or become the governor of the 51st state of America, or become the governor of a commonwealth territory like Puerto Rico.

To create a new country, Mr. Kenney will have to overcome many obstacles. By breaking up Canada, Kenney will have to create a new currency, a new police force, a new pension program (no more CPP or OAS), a new military force, a whole new bureaucracy, and establish new trade agreements with a whole host of nations, including the former provinces of Canada (what fun, eh?). Who will pay for all these new services?

What happens to B.C.? To the rest of the country? Quebec would surely secede, and the Maritimes could not survive on their own.

Americans would love to take over our land. They tried to acquire our land during the American Revolutionary War (defeated twice), were turned back five times during the War of 1812, and we rejected an offer by American financiers to buy the vast territory west of Ontario (today’s Manitoba and Saskatchewan) in the late 1800s.

Look on the bright side: If we became a state, we would have NFL football teams, NBA basketball teams, major league baseball teams, big-time college football, U.S. currency, and a tax system so convoluted and confusing that we would have to hire accountants to handle our tax returns.

Moreover, we would inherit a pathetic public educational system supported by property taxes that create rich school districts and poor school districts.

We would experience mass shooting on a weekly basis, in schools, in churches, in shopping malls, in theatres, at music events (Las Vegas) and we would have to worry about attacks coming from “road rage, gun-toting drivers."

And we would have gun-toting Rambo types roaming our streets looking for “bad guys with guns," or playing “warriors” in unregulated militias.

Our children would be sent to fight (supposedly for democracy) in faraway places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Mali, Chad, CAR, etc. Furthermore, they would be sent to eastern Europe to keep those nasty Russians from taking over the former Warsaw Pact nations (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, etc).

We would “kiss off” our environment because Trump and company will turn our mountain areas into “tacky” resorts like Reno, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Also, we would have a federal government constantly undermining the welfare of our people by deregulating standards. Look at what the FAA did with the Boeing Max 737. All under the guise of eliminating “red tape” and creating more efficiency. Sound familiar?

Yes, let’s separate! Destroy one of the finest countries in the world. Eliminate the Maple Leaf, the Mounties, our national anthem and our universal health-care system. Yes, throw away our heritage, our history and our culture.

George Thatcher,