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Letter: Bolster hate or to begin to heal?

You speak of freeloaders - those who wish not, for many reasons, to take the COVID 19 vaccine

Re: Re: Commentary: Freeloaders will share in the spoils

You speak of freeloaders - those who wish not, for many reasons, to take the COVID 19 vaccine. I must say that all of us in the country are basically freeloaders if we wish to label all.  

Let me expound with two examples. Remember the brave early settlers who came from places of tyranny, poverty, etc. to settle and build this land? Remember the soldiers from all races, creeds, etc, brave ones who fought in two world wars for a thing called democracy?  

All of these brave souls and countless others paved the way for something to cherish - democracy. Was not democracy one of the spoils we have all benefited from?  

We label, censor, chastise, keep people in fear now. We had a thing called social media which has now switched to become more like socialist media.  

Who speaks for the vaccine injured or vaccine produced deaths? Oh hush now; we cannot talk about that. Do we have the freedom to accept treatment modalities or decline them now, in this day? Are we a truly free country? 

Now for a wee history lesson: Journalist Malcolm Muggeridge discovered in the 1930s as he went to the former Soviet Union to investigate the famine in Ukraine which he discovered along with fellow journalist, Gareth Jones, to be true. Of course, those reports were censored or not fully reported. 

New York Times reporter Walter Duranty who denied the existence of any famine, was awarded the coveted Pulitzer prize. Does this past history remind anyone of anything?  

I am a freeloader, but it is only because of the brave souls who paved the way for democracy. I am grateful. Grateful to God.

Democracy is as fragile as a tiny flower in and amongst the rocks. Little by little as the pebbles and stones and boulders come rolling over, it is gone.   

We say we want a better future for our children, etc.  However, it is not good enough without recalling the past and the present. Do we use the past to bolster hate or to begin to heal?  

I do not purport to be haughty or great, and I do not wish to stand on the shoulders of the brave people who came before us. But I wish merely to stand humbly with those who paved the way for us all. ‘God keep our land glorious and free.’ 

Elaine Mantyka Whitford,