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Letter: Alberta doesn't need self indulgent good-old boys

Anywhere else in this country such behaviour would have serious consequences

Much has been made public recently about the infamous Devin "do-nothing" Dreeshen. 

Instead of responding to his constituents concerns over the last two years, Innisfail-Sylvan Lake UCP MLA Mr. Devin Dreeshen chose to make the legislative offices his private bar and play house. This is extremely offensive. 

Albertans need honest hard-working politicians, now more than ever, not self-indulgent good-old boys. As well as heavy drinking and intoxication on the job, abusive and aggressive behavior has also been identified. 

A lawsuit against the Office of the Premier of Alberta has been filed. His actions are going to cost we taxpayers dearly.

Anywhere else in this country such behaviour would have serious consequences; however in this UPC government , it appears to be ignored.

What I ask, is what is Mr. Kenny going to do, other than accept a resignation from a ministerial position that Mr. Dreeshen was incompetent at doing in the first place, in my opinion.

It seems there are no real repercussions to Mr. Dreeshen. Now he has less to do, not that he did anything in the first place, and still remains a highly paid MLA within the dubious workings of the UPC caucus. Will the premier call a byelection to find a new MLA for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake constituents?

This government continues to disappoint at every turn of events. How much longer must we suffer the ineptitude of this government?

Remember, never believe what a politician says, but watch what he does. 

Alex Baradoy,