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Letter: A very warm welcome

Resident felt compelled to sing flower shop owner's praise

There is a lady in Carstairs who has a flower shop called Blooms by Bloy. She saw my children and husband parked out front with our long unit hauling a shed home from the Olds Auction Mart.

They chatted about moving to the country and living in a holiday trailer while we built, as she has done the same too. It is an experience that will always be remembered.

She went inside her shop and came out with a bouquet of flowers and said give these to your wife and say, “If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t get to be a father on Father’s Day”.

So as I walk back with hands full of groceries I got into the truck and he hands me the bouquet and says that beautiful line, it brought me to tears. The kids loved it.

Then he told me about the woman behind the story and I couldn’t leave without showing her my gratitude for her kindness.

She said she gives away a bouquet every week to someone. I just had to share her kindness and how that line just melts a woman’s heart so it’s a beautiful idea.

One I would never expect and will always remember. It is a very warm welcome to the community to have such kindness.

- Tiffany Ireland,