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Letter: A sign of distress

Response to letter June 16 about "‘anarchistic’ public display”

Re: “Not impressed with ‘anarchistic’ public display”, Page 27, June 16 Albertan

Apparently the writer is not impressed with flying the national flag upside down, considers it anarchy. I have to wonder what he thinks of burning businesses and looting as a form of protest?

Flying a flag upside down is the international symbol of distress. Surely no one can argue that our country, especially Alberta, is in distress.

Confederation is broken and has been so almost from the beginning, a system stacked to favor the eastern provinces that created it.

Desecrate a Quebec flag and it’ll make the national news and somebody will get charged with a crime. Anti-Alberta rhetoric doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

I fly mine upside down regularly, particularly when a Liberal government is in power. Certainly Liberals are no friends of Alberta, at the best of times. Perhaps, if on Canada Day, all Albertans flew their flags upside down, someone would notice?

- Hans C. Ullmann,

Mountain View County