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Commentary: Vigilance everyone’s business

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Dan Singleton is an editor with the The Albertan. File photo/MVP Staff

Many, many area businesses have temporarily closed down to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, showing very clearly what has always been known – that this region’s business owners and their workers are a first-rate part of the community-at-large.

Showing dedication to the public good during the pandemic, the business sector is making a vital contribution to the safety and security of all residents. And for that they should be applauded, both now and when this pandemic over.

Unfortunately, there are other individuals who may be under the mistaken belief that with shops empty and business owners away they have been given an opportunity to take advantage. Specifically, criminals may decide to target businesses through break-ins and thefts.

While it seems unbelievable that anyone would victimize the very people who are helping to bring this crisis to an end, the sad reality is that some individuals will do the wrong thing, even in the toughest of times.

In order to ensure that those criminals fail to steal from unattended businesses and industrial sites, local RCMP detachments and their community partners are stepping up efforts.

Officers say they plan to be very active in the region in coming weeks, patrolling both night and day to ensure that properties remain secure.

Innisfail and area crime watch association members will no doubt be redoubling their efforts to spot and report suspicious activities.

“I think we all know what goes on in our neighbourhoods and what people are driving so when something is out of place we should let the police know right away,” said association chairman Jason Leach.  “It’s important for us to keep an eye out for things that are out of place. Police can’t be everywhere so we can all help.”

And for those individuals who chose to take advantage of vulnerable businesses during this crisis the message is clear – you will be seen and caught and your misdeeds will be made well known across the community-at-large.

Dan Singleton is an editor with The Albertan.