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Olds News

Stelmach tackles budget, oilsands during area PC association fundraiser

The 2011 provincial budget and Alberta's future were the two featured topics of Ed Stelmach's speech during this year's Premier's Dinner.

Mar makes stop in Olds while on campaign trail

Gary Mar, the latest entrant into the race to replace outgoing Premier Ed Stelmach, made a stop in Olds on Friday, meeting with members of town council as well as officials at Olds College during an informal gathering at the Land Sciences Centre.

Interact Club raises over $6,000

A total of $6,300 was raised on Thursday during a dinner held to benefit the Olds Interact Club's designated two projects this year — the Fontaine Children's Charity Foundation and the UNESCO conference that will be held at the school in May.

Wild Rose candidates outline plans, proposals

With the 2011 federal election now in its third week, candidates running in the Wild Rose riding have laid out some of their post-election plans.
Much to see and do at college's annual open house

Much to see and do at college's annual open house

Olds College opened its doors on the weekend to prospective students and the community for an inside look at what the college has to offer. Beginning at 10 a.m.

$41.5M water plan approved but rate hike stalled

Olds councillors have passed the $41.5 million water commission business plan that will allow for more water to be piped to member communities but are holding off on passing along the resulting costs to residents.

$6 million fibre loan approved

The Fibre To the Premise project could potentially bring $8 million in extra revenue to the Olds Institute For Community and Regional Development by 2025, say proponents of the project. The money would be used to fund further community projects.

Stephens' dedication recognized

Committing to one company for an entire career is all but unheard of these days. Olds' Linda Stephens is a rare exception.

Dance festivals continuing in honour of deCoverley

A dance festival held earlier this week and one on April 15 to 17 will pay tribute to Divine Dance Academy founder Trish deCoverley, who died last month from a heart attack.

Father of one of Fallen Four speaks of justice

The father of one of the Fallen Four spoke in Olds last Tuesday morning during the annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Rev.